Caritas Development Goma builds a multi purpose room in Rubare

In order to improve People Living with HIV/AIDS conditions of life in Rubare area, a trading center located at about 60 km north of Goma, in the territory of Rutshuru Democratic Republic of Congo, the program AFIA (Health and Welfare) of Caritas Development Goma, funded by Caritas Australia, has decided to build a multipurpose hall in Rubare.

In addition to its comfort, its wide accesses, good sound system and good hygienic facilities …this building will have the capacity of about 250 seats and thus  generate a weekly income of 50 $Us. An amount which will progressively allow funding other local development projects, including a pigsty or henhouses … and in a long run a micro credit cooperative in favour of its beneficiaries making them more autonomous.

Ferdinand Benge Luendo

La Caritas-Développement Goma construit une salle polyvalente à Rubare

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