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Goma, May 12, 2020 (caritasdevgoma.org) – A total of 32 pigs were distributed to Farmers’ Associations (PAs) of the Community Participants (CPs) of TUINUKE Program (let’s improve our well-being), located in Minova, at 50 Kms from Goma, in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  “Pig for Peace” is an approach used by this program to bring together these communities torn from a long time by inter-community conflicts. Thus, thanks to this associative breeding, they will all be able to join their efforts in breeding and leading a peaceful life.

It is by recalling the quintessence of the ABCD approach “Asset-Based Community Driven-Development”, in French: ”Développement communautaire réposant sur l’actif”, an approach that consists of stimulating development led by the community itself, that Guillaume Lubanga, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Caritas Goma, in TUINUKE Programme, opened the pigs’ distribution ceremony on May 7, 2020 in the city of Minova.

At around 12:00 O’clock of that day, PCs shouting cries of joy and showing dancing, expressed their gratitude to TUINUKE Program that Caritas Australia is funding through Caritas Goma.

To achieve this activity, TUINUKE Programme had to build a 12 cage pilot farm where 10 sows and 1 boar were raised. And 11 months later, the farm had 44 pigs, says Guillaume Lubanga before adding that PAs have been trained in breeding techniques as well as in the construction of cages in which pigs will be raised and obviously reproduce for the benefit of the entire group.

And since it is necessary to rely on local resources as advocated by the ABCD approach, before benefiting from any other external aid, PAs have personally built cages in which to rear their pigs. To this end, they bought planks and other important materials. They also engaged in feeding and providing zootechnical care to the pigs. So, in order to fill that half-full bottle, the Program granted a sum of US $80 to each PA in order to encourage these important farmers’ initiatives.  Thus, thanks to everyone’s efforts, “Pig for Peace” in Minova will be effective alongside other cross-cutting themes taught by TUINUKE program.

Indeed, TUINUKE Program “Sustainable Livelihoods and Protection” works in order to increase the economic development while combining efforts to improve the quality of the rural communities’ life. Its aim consists of strengthening and improving the access to skills, markets and income-generating activities (IGAs).

In order to consolidate the communities’ autonomy, Tuinuke Program provides tools and accompanies nearly 1,050 community participants gathered in 25 farmers’ associations and 3 trade centres, to enable them improve their production and thus get more stable and important production, especially in the locality of Karambi, in Rutshuru territory (North-kivu Province) and in Minova city, in Kalehe territory(south-Kivu Province).

In partnership with Caritas Australia, Tuinuke program promotes peace building and provides a psychosocial and medical support to women and girls victims of sexual and gender-based violence. The hope is that within three years (the duration of the project), a significant number of community participants acquires sufficient purchasing power and enough capacity of meeting basic family needs, including children’s needs, in a social environment of peace and solidarity.

Lydie Waridi Kone

Communication Unit

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